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Photo Gallery

Ester adds her personal touch to our quad that is being raffled off.  For tickets, check out our main page for info or click here.  quad with teddy
mb breakfast Agriculture in the Classroom Breakfast
Volunteer for Agriculture in the Classroom Breakfast mb breakfast 2
Brain Map What are your strengths?

Mr Jones' class have a good  idea of their multiple intelligences and have mapped it out on a model of a brain.

They use this model to make choices about group activities.
One of the Fall Frolics stations, the petting zoo was a big attraction! Petting Zoo
Local Fire Chief Our Local Fire Chief shows students what a fireman looks like.  His goal is to make sure that children are not scared if they are ever in a fire situation and see this "Alien Looking" thing coming at them. 

We don't want children hiding in fear from the very people who are coming to help them.
Our Natural Playground gets the green thumb touch from students who have helped the PTA plant trees and scrubs.

A huge thank you to the PTA for their efforts in making our playground a fun and exciting place to play!
Tree Planting
Soccer Soccer in Rosenort.  One of many interschool sports that we participate in thanks to the Red River Valley Athletic Association.
The front of the pack in our annual Terry Fox Run.  We've raised hundreds of dollars over the years in support of Terry Fox and Cancer Research. Terry Fox
Natural Playground in the Winter Winter fun!!!

Library 360 view